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Tatiana Pedrazzi

Tatiana Pedrazzi, researcher at the Institute of Heritage Sciences, CNR. PhD in Near Eastern archaeology, her main research interests are the transition between the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age in the Levant, cultural interaction and identity, exchange and trade, Canaanite jars and Phoenician amphorae, in the Levant, Cyprus and Sardinia. He has participated in numerous CNR projects ("Encyclopedic Dictionary of Phoenician Civilization", "Virtual Museum of Baghdad", "Kharayeb Archaeological Project", "Pani Loriga Project"); and has co-directed the "TCM" project (Transformation and Crisis in the Mediterranean), and the "ArCOA" project (Archives and Collections of the Ancient East). She has participated in fieldwork in Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus and Sardinia since 1997. She has been assistant professor of Near Eastern Archaeology at the University of Insubria (Como) since 2004, and of Phoenician and Punic Archaeology at the School of Specialization of the University of Milan since 2018.

She has been a member of the scientific editorial board of the Rivista di Studi Fenici since 2012 to date. In 2017 and 2021 she was appointed foreign expert member in the Comité d'Evaluation HCERES, for the evaluation of French national research institutions, while in 2013 she was expert reviewer appointed by MIUR (Italy), for the evaluation of FIRB research projects.

She organised, with G. Garbati, the International Workshop "Transformations and crises in the Mediterranean. Identity and interculturality in the Phoenician East and West between the 12th and 8th centuries BC. (CNR, Rome, 8-9 May 2013). She has participated, as a speaker or invited speaker, in some thirty international conferences in France, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Tunisia.

She is the author of about one hundred publications, including journal articles, book chapters, reviews, dictionary entries, and parts of monographs. She is author of the monograph entitled "Le giare da conservazione e trasporto: uno studio archeologico dell'economia del Levante fra Bronzo Tardo II e Ferro I (ca. 1400-900 a.C.)", ETS, Pisa 2007; with I. Oggiano, she is co-author of the volume "La Fenicia in età persiana. Un ponte tra il mondo iranico e il Mediterraneo", Rome 2013; together with G. Garbati, she is scientific editor of the three volumes of the series "Transformations and crisis in the Mediterranean. 'Identity' and Interculturalty in the Levant and Phoenician West", published respectively in 2015, 2016, 2021.

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