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Pilar Iborra Eres

Independent researcher, archaeozoologist, PhD in Prehistory and Archaeology, University of Valencia.

Her professional career is mainly based on archaeozoological research integrated in consolidated research teams and on her scientific dissemination.

Her main lines of research and publications are related to the economic, social, ritual and environmental aspects that include the use and management of animals in the past.

In the field of teaching, she has given courses, seminars and conferences related to the livestock practices developed during the protohistory of the Iberian Peninsula. As well as classes on the subject of zooarchaeology in archaeology masters taught at the University of Valencia and currently at the University of Alicante (2018-2019-2020-2021).

She obtained a European funding grant (ESF) for further studies abroad in 1994 (MA in Post-exvacation skills) at the University of Leicester (England),

She completed her doctoral thesis in 2003 and obtained the Extraordinary Doctorate Prize in 2004, with the work entitled: La ganadería y la caza desde el Bronce Final hasta el Ibérico Final en el territorio Valenciano (Livestock and hunting from the Final Bronze Age to the Final Iberian Age in the Valencian territory). Work published in the series of monographs of the prehistoric research service of Valencia (Vol.103).

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