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Manuel Álvarez Martí-Aguilar

He graduated in Geography and History at the University of Malaga, where he received his PhD in 2000 with a study on the construction of the image of Tartessus in the Spanish historiographic tradition. In 2002 he joined the Department of Ancient History at the UMA where he is Full Professor.

His lines of research have been related to the question of Tartessus and the Phoenician presence in the West from different perspectives. It is worth mentioning the direction of the R&D project "Rethinking Tartessus under the prism of identity: the Phoenician component" (HUM2007-63419), the publication of the monograph "Tartessus. La construcción de un mito en la historiografía española" (Málaga, CEDMA, 2005), and the coordination of the volume "Fenicios en Tartesos: nuevas perspectivas" (Oxford, Archaeopress, 2011).

He is currently leading the R&D project "Earthquakes and tsunamis in the Iberian Peninsula in ancient times: social responses in the long term" (PGC2018-093752-B-I00, MCI/AEI/FEDER, EU), in the framework of which the impact of tsunamis in the Gulf of Cadiz in Tartessian times is studied from an interdisciplinary approach.

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