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Juan M. Campos Carrasco

D. in History from the University of Seville, and Professor of Archaeology at the universities of Seville (1988-1992) and Huelva, he has held the Chair of Archaeology at the University of Huelva since 2006.

He has directed twenty research projects in different archaeological sites in Europe, America and Africa. He has made stays in several national and foreign universities and research centers. He is the author of 390 national and international publications including books, journals and congresses that deal with more than a dozen lines of research developed over more than thirty years of scientific career. The two main lines of research he is currently developing are focused on the study of Atlantic and Mediterranean Roman ports and the study of the Roman cities of Baetica. He has supervised 19 doctoral thesis. He directs the Archaeology Research Group and the Center for Research in Historical, Cultural and Natural Heritage of the University of Huelva. He has held various university management positions, including Vice Rector for Research and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities. He is a Full Member of the Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters of Huelva and of the Andalusian Academy of History. He has received 5 research awards, as well as the Medal of the University of Huelva in recognition of his academic career. He was scientific director of the I International Congress Tartessus the Emporium of Metal, held in Huelva in December 2011.

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