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Francisco José García Fernández

Francisco José García Fernández is Associate Professor in the Department of Prehistory and Archaeology at the University of Seville. He graduated in Geography and History in 1998 and obtained his PhD in 2004 at the same University, subsequently studying for a Master's Degree in Sustainable City and Architecture (2013). He belongs to the Research Group "From Turdetania to Baetica" (HUM-152) and has participated in numerous national and international projects coordinated by the University of Seville and the University of Malaga. He has also spent time at various universities and research centres (School of History and Archaeology in Rome, DAInst in Berlin, Universität Potsdam, Universidade de Lisboa, Politecnico de Milano).

On the one hand, he has been trained as an expert in the Protohistoric Archaeology of the Iberian Peninsula, especially in the communities of the late Iron Age and their transition to Romanisation, both from the point of view of written sources and archaeology. In this sense, he has focused his attention on aspects such as settlement, urban planning, ceramic production and consumption patterns, based on the study of domestic material contexts, without neglecting the identity processes hidden behind these manifestations. On the other hand, he has developed a large part of his teaching activity as a professor of heritage project management in several postgraduate degrees at the University of Seville and other institutions, collaborating in the design of projects for the enhancement and musealisation of archaeological remains. The result of all this is a large number of publications, scientific articles, books, book chapters, as well as an active presence in scientific meetings.

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