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Clara Toscano Pérez

Member of the research group "Vrbanitas. Archaeology and Heritage (HUM-132)" research group since she graduated in History in 2008, as well as of the Research Centre for Historical, Cultural and Natural Heritage (CIPHCN), both at the University of Huelva. She is currently working as an archaeologist at the Museum of Huelva.

After completing the Interuniversity Master's Degree "Archaeology and Heritage. Science and Profession" and after several stays in international institutions (CNR in Rome and Sardinia, Oxford University and the German Archaeological Institute), she obtained her PhD in 2016 with the doctoral thesis entitled: "The Hispanic Southwest in the Atlantic Turdetania: population dynamics and cultural evolution (6th-3rd century BC)" (, thanks to which she obtained the Extraordinary Doctorate Award.

Her teaching experience is accredited in the degrees of History, Humanities, Tourism and Cultural Management, as well as in the Master's Degree in Historical and Cultural Heritage, at the University of Huelva.

Her line of research focuses on the settlement of the Iron Age in the southwest peninsula, from which emanates the study of urban planning and, more recently, the funerary world, as decisive factors in the society that occupied the southwest peninsula during the Tartessian and Turdetan periods.

She is a researcher for the General Research Plan for the Archaeological Zone of Huelva, where she has participated, among other things, in the study of the necropolis of La Joya. One of the results has been the publication of a monograph on the necropolis which will soon be published.

She has directed the archaeological activities carried out in the protohistoric city of Tejada la Vieja (Escacena del Campo, Huelva) over the last few years, the results of which have focused on the protection, conservation, enhancement and dissemination of heritage.

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