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Antonio Monterroso

Antonio Monterroso Checa (Córdoba 1977). Associate Professor. University of Cordoba.

His career has focused mainly on Archaeology and Architecture of Rome, where he developed his doctoral thesis on the architecture and topography of the Pompeian Complex of the Campo de Marte. Subsequently, he was I.P of two projects of the National Plan 2008-2011 developed in the Sacred Area of Largo Argentina. These projects dealt with the eastern buildings of the Pompeian Porticos, including the Pompeian Curia Pompeii.

In a second postdoctoral period, coinciding with his stage as Ramón y Cajal Researcher of the Mineco, he turned his career towards non-invasive methodologies and aerial remote sensing as agents of knowledge and development of rural archaeological areas. In this field he has also been director of two projects of the 2017-2020 State Plan entitled Ager Mellariensis of which, the second edition has just been awarded and will run until 2024. These projects focus on the diachronic study of the central sector of the Conventus Cordubensis coinciding today with the regions of Alto Guadiato and Los Pedroches in Córdoba.

He has been a member of the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (2002), the Spanish School of History and Archaeology-CSIC (2003-2004), the Pablo de Olavide University (2005-2006), the Université de Provence-CNRS (2007-2009) and the Center for Human and Social Sciences of the CSIC (2010-2013) before settling, after the award of the aforementioned R&C contract at the University of Cordoba (since 2013) where he is currently a professor.

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