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Ana Delgado Hervás

Ana Delgado is Associate Professor of Prehistory in the Department of Humanities at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). She has taught on the Master's degree in Mediterranean Archaeology and History at the Università degli Studi di Sassari and on the Master's degree in Archaeology and Territory at the University of Granada. Visiting Research Fellow at Stanford University (2014) and Brown University (2019) and Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Chicago (2017).

She is a specialist in the archaeology of the ancient Mediterranean. Her studies focus on the Phoenician and Greek diasporas and the connections between colonial groups and local communities in the Western Mediterranean in the 1st millennium BC, a topic she approaches from a social and gender perspective. Colonialism, diasporas, everyday life and connectivity are the main lines of her research.

She has directed various archaeological and heritage dissemination projects at sites such as Cerro del Villar and Empúries. She is currently coordinating the project HESTIA: (HAR2015-69842-P) and Greeks and Local Communities in the area around Empúries (10th-2nd century BC), and leads the Mediterranean Archaeology Research Group (GRACME).

Moreover, she has been Vice-Dean and Head of Studies at the Faculty of Humanities of the UPF and coordinator of the UPF Open Degree.

Her lines of research:

- Archaeology of maintenance activities

- Feminist archaeology

- Mobility and connectivity in the Ancient Mediterranean

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