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Alberto J. Lorrio Alvarado

He graduated in History at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he obtained his PhD in 1995 with the doctoral thesis "Los Celtíberos: etnia y cultura" (Extraordinary Prize). He is currently Professor of Prehistory at the University of Alicante, which he joined in 1996, and Corresponding Member of the Royal Academy of History.

He has collaborated in the excavation of important Celtic sites in Spain and France, including the Castro de las Cogotas (Ávila), or the oppida of Bibracte (Burgundy, France) and Avaricum (Bourges, France). He has led several research projects including archaeological excavations in the Celtiberian-Roman cities of Segóbriga and Ercávica (Cuenca), the Tartessian necropolis of Medellín (Badajoz) or the excavation and valorization of the archaeological site of the Iron Age and Islamic period of El Molón (Camporrobles, Valencia). He is currently PI of the HAR2017-87495-P project, "Phoenicians and Indians in the Southeast of the Iberian Peninsula: Final Bronze and Ancient Iron between the Vinalopó and Segura" funded by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, which includes excavation work at La Fonteta (Guardamar del Segura, Alicante), in 2018-2019, and an excavation and enhancement program at the sites of Peña Negra (Crevillent, Alicante), since 2014, La Alcudia (Elche, Alicante) in 2019 and 2020, and Los Saladares (Orihuela, Alicante), since 2020.

His research has focused preferably on various aspects of the study of peninsular societies of the Late Bronze and Iron Age in the general framework of Western Europe, highlighting his contributions on Celts and Celtiberians, the Phoenician and Tartessian world and the Late Bronze / Iron Age in the Southeast and Levant of the Iberian Peninsula. He has participated in numerous national and international conferences, courses and seminars, and has published nearly 200 books and articles on Late Prehistory. 

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